About Us

The Essence of Art Nature and Heritage

Real perfection by discovering an intimate experience to stay, dine, and relax in the inner suburb of Solo. Rumah Batu Villa and Spa is the place to experience the best home made food and chic rooms. It’s a tropical amusing place for travelers to enjoy every single spot of the natural beauty.

Presenting Javanese typical design and comfort living space, the resort offers modern facilities such as swimming pool, designer kitchen, suite room, tea house area, tropical garden and most everything you would possibly expect. Rumah Batu Villa and Spa is created for you to stay in, chill out and relax.

Experience a sincerely pleasant service that has been talking about. Create your own love story and make the most memorable time offered by this heritage island. From the softest whisper of morning breeze to the tropical noonday sun and complete with a romantic rendezvous beneath stars, you would never fail to fall in love in Rumah Batu Villa and Spa.

As the only boutique resort on Sukoharjo, Solo, Rumah Batu attracts nature lovers and those who wish for simply self indulge.


Tropical sincerity living and natural high
To go beyond the experience of balance living and spa among nature.


Away from hectic days, Gourmet, having eco friendly space and great healing.
Provide view in lively colors, place that fire your spirit up, food that give a taste to your soul and hospitality that is unprecedented.


Located in the inner suburb of solo city, Rumah Batu has been prepared as a Solonist village complete with its own community centre and healing lanes.
The world-renowned architectural firm, Ir Gunawan Sugiarto Architects, uses traditional Javanese typical design, but transforms it into modern geometry. Provide you a unique combination of smooth stone walls and concrete with thatched roofs, terrazzo tiles with gravel and wood with glass. When your own initials are enough.


Integrity & Ethics

We will ensure that all our dealings are honest, transparent and conducted with respect.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We will support community work and protect the environment.


We will continuously strive to be unique in our delivery of products and services.

Development and Team work

We believe in the continuous development of our people, products and services. Through training, respect and fair treatment for individuals we will achieve great team spirit and therefore success for our organization.


Rumah Batu is located in the traditional Javanese village of Baki Pandean Sukoharjo Solo. It ’s just about five kilometers from javanese’s artistic centre of solo and only takes about 30 minutes from airport and 20 minutes from train station.
There are a number of traditional villages, rice fields and family union as well as some of the most spectacular scenery in Solo which can be found in the valleys surrounding Rumah Batu. Various tours are available in Rumah Batu featuring treks through the stunning local countryside and away from the tourist crowds.